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  • Complete workflow for your content.

  • Project management with realtime comments, simplifies your workflows.

  • Version management, follow your content from creation to delivery.

  • Shared workspace for your whole team.

  • Safe and future proof, integrates with G-Suite Business unlimited storage, easy management of who can see and do what.

  • Complete archive with full meta data support, search, find, manage and share your content.

  • It's fun and social, showcase your work and find new collaborations.



“Fantastic workplace”



“Great collaboration tool!”

Björn Terring


“Amazing for keeping track of your work and finding what you need really quick.”

Mikael Janson

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Tag & Find Everything You Need

Ocean, blue, horse, dog, dress, cookies, oak tree, mountain, shoes – tag your projects and you’re able to find anything you’re looking for.

Want to help Paul Hilton make a movie to save turtles?

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All you need to simplify your workflow.

Start with a 14 day trial, completely free of charge. If you then want to continue using the Factory it’s only 19.50/month.

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Save time by keeping everything in one place. By using the Factory you’ll be able to easier communicate, collaborate and simply just find stuff you need or never knew you needed.

The new workplace - where everything happens

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Share with everyone

Your coworker, your boss, your boss’s boss, your mom, your boss's mom, your friends, your friends’ moms, every friend of facebook.

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Your Very Own Archive System.

Nothing gets lost. EVER.

Any additional features you’d like? Tell us and we’ll make it happen.

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The Kovacs

We are passionate about photos, and obsessed with simplifying. Every step in your workflow should be easy, from finding the right team to creating the project – and it should be fun. This is why we built Kovac Factory. Any input and suggestions are most warmly welcome, click here to contact us: hello@kovacfactory.com.


Founding sisters: Klara and Filippa

We believe in cooperating with nature and put sustainability first.

We believe in cooperating with nature and put sustainability first.

Read our interviews with people we admire.