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About the project

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Rampant poaching of turtle eggs and habitat destruction have decimated the population of Green and Leatherback Sea Turtles in Indonesia. We cannot afford to lose more of these incredible animals. 

Bangkaru Island is a unique site for turtle nesting within Indonesia with untouched primary rainforest sweeping down to white sand beaches, which hosts west Indonesia’s most prolific turtle nesting site. The island is uninhabited except for the turtle conservation facilities manned by HAkA’s team of rangers. Through the presence of the rangers the number of turtle eggs being poached has decreased dramatically. True sustainability of the program lies in the support and relationships with local communities, as well as government decision makers. 

Help raise funds so Paul Hilton and his team can create a short documentary to create more awareness locally and internationally about the conservation work on Bangkaru Island and the importance of keeping this special area pristine.
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