Paul Hilton


Paul Hilton

Paul Hilton is a Hong Kong-based photojournalist and wildlife trade consultant who focuses on global environmental and conservation issues and endeavors to bring about urgent change in the way we treat our surroundings. Presently, he is working on the palm oil issue: documenting deforestation, land clearing, and the wildlife trade in Sumatra’s Leuser Eco-system, Indonesia, in collaboration with Rainforest Action Network (RAN), Wildlife Asia and Forest Nature and Environment Aceh (HAkA).

Previously, Paul Hilton followed the manta and mobula ray trade across the world and set up the Manta Ray of Hope project to document, in partnership with WildAid and Manta Trust, the plight of the great rays and investigate the use of gill-rakers in traditional Chinese medicine. He is now an Associate Director with Manta Trust and a WildAid consultant.

Paul’s undercover footage of the illegal wildlife trade features heavily throughout the 2015 film “Racing Extinction”, produced by the Ocean Preservation Society and directed by Oscar winner, Louie Psihoyos, which premiered at the SunDance film festival.