Features Overview


Here are some of the features of The Factory that we’re very proud of. Any additional features you’d like? Tell us and we’ll make it happen.


Get Your Things in Order

Creative minds can sometimes feel chaotic, we make sure every thought, every idea and every project you work on is organized.


Tag & Find Everything

Ocean, blue, horse, dog, dress, cookies, oak tree, mountain, shoes – tag your projects and you’ll be able to find anything you’re looking for.


Your Very Own Archive System

Nothing gets lost. EVER.


Share with everyone

Your coworker, your boss, your boss’s boss, your mom, your boss’s mom, your friend, your friend’s boss, and of course every friend on facebook.


Easier Communication

We make it easier for you and your clients and coworkers to work together. Now everyone can see, share and comment on everything you do, all the time. Trust us this is not a bad thing.



When a project is done, share directly from The Factory to deliver to client.